Technological Enlightenment

Do we need an app for that?

Maybe. Maybe not. Our challenge is to explore how "less technology" can empower humans in society.

Do we really need to check our phones?

Let's rediscover how we can live without technological interruption. We value how little you'll need to look at our products.

Do we need another social network?

Online communities are reflections of local communities. Let's explore how technology can vibrate the local neighborhood.

Digital Currency

The modern day economy is faltering from confusion between money and personal freedoms.

Bitcoin and other distributed digital currencies have the potential to liberate personal finance.

We are exploring ways to guide people on a safe and practical path with these new and powerful currencies.



Artisans use their exceptional skills to make things that may be functional or strictly decorative.

Through software design, we experiment with different ideas to find the combination that empathetically bridges the gap between application and human.



Master logicians apply skillful means to produce an effective solution to the engineering problem at hand.

Skilled in different languages and technologies, we simplify through code. Iterate and learn.

The Mission

Bitcoin is driving radical change on a global scale. We want to explore this new technology and deliver real world applications for the people.


Coinhive seeks to create direct and open access to bitcoins for local communities by building a person-to-person exchange and social network.


Do you believe in bitcoin's ability to radically alter the way currency and capitalism work? We do, so we built this app to stay updated. btcreport


Today's recording industry cannot exist in the digital world with a mentality based on selling physical copies. Let's create a new economic zone for musicians and content creators.

Bitcoin Big Data

The Bitcoin blockchain is one of the greatest data structures discovered! How can we organize and disseminate this immense goldmine of realtime economic data?

Interested in helping?

We're looking for experienced artisans and logicians as well as apprentices to help explore, design and build!

If you're hip on Bitcoin, design, or code and interested in research and experimentation, please contact us.


BlossomPage was founded in Paris, France in January 2014 by Richard Caetano.

The vision is to organize a group of artisans and logicians to experiment with user experience design and deliver a safe path to alternative currencies for the mass market.

Meet Us
39 Rue Beauregard, Paris 75002, France
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